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100 new trees for Brazil!


The Plant-for-the-Planet Academy in Alta Floresta took place on a warm Saturday in January. On January 29th 48 students came together in the hall of the school, where they enjoyed the initial screen presentation: “Now we young people want to save the world!”. Telling the story of Felix, a boy in Germany, who germinated the idea of ​​planting trees for the world! The students learned about the causes of the climate crisis, emissions of greenhouse gases and their effects, the importance of forests and trees, which was a good starting point for the future Climate Justice Ambassadors.

Afterwards, we started off with the World Game, where everyone got the chance to discuss and become aware of the way in which wealth is distributed across continents as well as social and environmental inequalities.

The rhetoric training dynamic allowed them to understand the effect of their speeches and realize the importance of having effective communication. Also, everyone got the chance to concept and train a speech themselves.

Through the creation and presentation of projects, they carried out the elaboration of the work in groups and showed a beautiful presentation for all participants and guests of the Academy. They were able to realize the importance of their projects for the school and the community and therefore left motivated to seek ways to put them into practice.

The Academy was officially closed on January 30th, with the planting of more than 100 trees of 12 different native species from the Amazon, in an area of ​​the Adopt a Spring Program, within Parque Cidade Bela, near the school. Thus, under a beautiful sunny morning, the Ambassadors of Climate Justice and the guests, among them Mayor Asiel Bezerra, left their legacy, planting their Alta Floresta trees, for Amazonia and for the planet.

We thank all those dearly who helped us making this wonderful Academy day possible!

 All photos can be seen here.

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