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Tree planting and awareness raising projects in Guatemala


Andrea's plans for the project Ponle Nombre a un Arbol (give a name to a tree):

On October 24, will be in the world, the day of action on behalf of the environment, my action will be:
a) invite children leaders from different parts of Guatemala, schools, colleges, colonies, those who wish to participate.
b) training in three topics

Raise awareness of the current situation and the effects of global warming. Awaken in them the initiative to be leaders in their communities

Teach them about my project GIVE A NAME TO A TREE (talk about, looking for areas to plant trees, inviting children to plant a tree, motivate to name the tree, committed to caring)

For this, children come from Mexico, Argentina and Dominican Republic will be they who train. All will be working with the help of organizations that support them.

On October 24, these children trained, will planting tress, and doing what I do.

To Andrea's presentation in Spanish (pdf, 501 kB)

Andrea Gabriela Nava