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Indian students taking action!


81 students from 8 schools attended the academy in Dynasty Modern Gurukul Academy, Chhinki Farm, Uttarakhand, India.

This academy was made possible with the dedicative commitment of Plant-for-the-Planet foundation, Dynasty Modern Gurukul Academy Chhinki Farm and TGIC Eco Club, YCSG members. All children, who were aged 10-14 years, could attend the event for free. Special thanks goes to Plant-for-the-Planet academy staff Adelya for helping me throughout the academy preparation. I would also like to thank Mrs. Anju Bhatt, Mr. Dhirendra Chandra Bhatt and Mr. Narendra Rautela for helping us contact all schools and a very special thanks goes to Mr. Dhirendra Chnadra Bhatt (Head of Dynasty Modern Gurukul Academy) for providing us venue and all other basic facilities for the academy. Not to be forgotten are the many helpers and supporters, without whom the implementation of the Academy, venue, technology, tree-planting event and much more would not have been possible.

After a brief welcome and registration process the full attention of the children turned to the presentation "Now we children save the world! Which was held by Plant-for-the-Planet Coordinators Dharmendra Kapri and Rohit Bisht. The presentation covered these topics: Introduction of Plant-for-the-Planet, sources of CO2, greenhouse effect, global warming, photosynthesis, climate change, climate crisis and global justice. These topics were explained in a very simple language and easy way. After the presentation the children had the opportunity to ask questions in an answer session.

After a short break, the children were divided into six groups to learn about global distribution and justice in the “World Game”. The children distributed playing figures, candy and balloons on the world maps laid out on the floor. The figures were respective of the world’s population, wealth and CO2 emissions.  Each group had one moderator from our academy team to help them understand the rules and the process. The children were first asked to distribute the balloons, candy and tokens as per as their knowledge and later on corrected by the moderator wherever needed. Eventually, the CO2 emissions and wealth were distributed fairly - everyone has equal rights

After playing the world game the children formed six public speaking groups in which they prepared and presented short passages from the opening presentation that they had seen at the start of the day. Furthermore they gave each other tips on how to improve their presentations in the future. After that a short session on how to give a good presentation was conducted by Dharmendra Kapri.

The children then broke for lunch and were able to relax a little and to discuss the topics covered so far.

As the children were very curious during the presentation session, they wanted to know more about Plant-for-the-Planet and how we plant trees all over the world the afternoon kicked off with short introductive videos on Plant-for-the-Planet and how Plant-for-the-Planet plants trees in Mexico.