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31 Ambassadors for Brasil


The Academy on September 19th was attended by 31 children at the Escola Municipal CEI Heitor de Alencar Furtado. This Academy was a bit challenging because these students aren’t of the integral, that way, they couldn’t participate of the Academy during all day, but since we had already done it in another school, it was quite easy: we did one class in the morning and another one in the afternoon.

Ambassador Lazaro did our initial presentation and told the kids all they needed to know about Plant-for-the-Planet and why we do what we do. For the World Game, we distributed the kids into three groups. During the World Game the kids got really engaged and showed a lot of interest. This class in particularly really made an effort to absorb all the information. In the following rhetorical training, we asked the kids to sit on the floor in front of us and explained how to make a good presentation. In addition we gave tips on how to give a nice feedback without it being uncomfortable for the one who is receiving it.