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Curitiba starts planting!


At the Academy on June 4th, 55 children attended at the Escola Municipal CEI Profª Lina Maria Martins Moreira. The teachers and the principal were all very nice and polite.

At this Academy everything went well, because we had George who has helped us since day one and 3 other volunteers willing to support. This school was different from the others. Here in Brazil, normally the kids that attend public schools are less wealthy than others, but here, even though they don’t have much, it was really interesting to notice that sometimes the kids that have less give more value to what we are doing than those that have those things. Because these opportunities are mostly there for them, so it´s harder to convince them to pay attention to what we were saying. However, once we had their attention they showed us how amazingly talented and full of creativity they are. 

So, we did the initial presentation. During the initial presentation the children always love to know about Felix, because that’s what makes them feel closer to the project. After that, we went to a big gym space they have at their school and separated them into four different groups to play the “World Game”. Everything went fine, they understood the game and were able to relate money, pollution and population. After the game, we gave them the papers to start with the rhetorical training. We divided them into smaller groups and gave each a slide of the initial presentation, a piece of brown paper and a pen for them to write, so that it made it easier for them to present it later. 

At this point we were amazed by some kids, because some of them are scouts so they are used to this kind of group activity and they not only spoke out about the presentation, but wrote poems and songs about it, singing for adults to “stop talking and start planting”, it was amazing and made us feel really proud about what we were doing. Then we gathered the whole group again and started talking about the project that they had to do, the school and their community and they quickly jumped in to that, a literal talent show. It was so cool to see the sparkle in their eyes!


Once the organization of the planting activity was done, the kids came back from their break and we talked about sustainability and activism. After that, we asked them if they liked the day and the activities, and they answered with a loud and clear: “yes!”. We delivered the certificates and they were very proud of themselves and so were we! We took a group picture, and then told them to go to their classes because we were going to go call them in groups of 10 so that we could stop talking and start planting!

All photos can be downloaded here.

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