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Memories from Curitiba


June the fifth was a special day for Curitiba – all in all, 119 children became Climate Justice Ambassadors! A new record was broken at the Escola CEI Professor José Cavallin: One of the Academies was attended by 70 children.

Two of the ambassadors who had took part in the Academy in the morning started their career as Ambassadors right afterwards and inspired other children by giving the initial presentation in the afternoon. The participants were really curious about Felix and his unique story.

After a fun whispering game, they played the world game and discovered the inequalities between south and north, especially in terms of the emissions, all by themselves.

As the kids were motivated to learn how to give presentations like the one they had heard before, they practiced it in a rhetorical training and gave each other feedback.

After a relaxing break, they started to make plans for the future: One group had the idea to start an upcycling project, others suggested to become the school’s sustainability monitors.

Finally, the new Climate Justice Ambassadors proudly received their certificates and promised to be aware of their responsibility towards the planet and take action. But this was not yet the end of the Academies - the most exciting part, the tree planting, took place the next day.

The groups had lots of fun putting the slogan “Stop talking. Start planting.” into action and decided to come back to see the trees grow.

Thank you to all the supporters, organisers, volunteers, hosts, and the photographer - you made these Academies unforgettable!

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