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Nearly 60 new Climate Justice Ambassadors!


On Tuesday, March 19, we had the challenge to train 57 new Climate Justice Ambassadors and mastered it well!

As it was the first academy held at Deputado Gersino Coelho Municipal School, the initial presentation was given by one of the ambassadors of another school. Right after the presentation, we played the game we called “Seed / Plant”, so that the children get ready and prepared for the course of the day. We started the game of the world, the kids paid close attention during the explanation and were very participative.

Afterwards, we went to get lunch together and were able to talk about how to get engaged and Plant-for-the-Planet.

Soon after, we started the Project-Creations. The help of the school staff was indispensable for the development of this Academy, as this helped us and promoted the good monitoring of activities with the children. So, after we finished the projects, we reinforced the rhetorical practices, showing how to explain well, how to get the attention of the people present and supported the explanation of their project, and without delay, we started to present the projects. We had projects related to recycling, rainwater harvesting and vegetable gardens.

The Director Katia de Jesus thanked us for our presence and encouraged the children to carry out even more projects and promised to support them in the realization of the idealized projects. Finally, we explained the seriousness and importance of being a Climate Justice Ambassador and how they could help save the world by planting trees and giving presentations! Finally, we handed over the certificates and made new recommendations for the Planting Day. We took one last souvenir photo of that day to remember this great Academy.

May 3rd was the day of our planting. On this day we could count on two volunteers and the illustrious presence of MMA Fighter, Mayra Cantuária.

After planting 20 trees, we said goodbye and were promised that the city would set up a vegetable garden and plant other trees in another school area. The children pledged to take care of the trees planted there and engage in their work as Climate Justice Ambassadors.

All photos can be seen here!

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