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Successful academy in Nigeria


The event commenced at exactly 9am. The participating students from the host schools and other participating schools assembled at the host school’s hall.

 Program coordinator, Prince Olawuyi Oluwaseyi welcomes all the participants, teachers and the vice principal of St. Lawrence College. He introduced his assistants/Colleagues and informed the participants about the objectives of the event. He urged them to pay attention to the lectures.

The invited ambassadors- Akere Tomiwa and Akinyele Precious started the lectures using Climate Justice Power-Point presentation. They were later supported by the Program coordinator who raised some points

During the lectures, the Climate Justice Ambassador introduced themselves, they discussed, the needs to protect the planet, the causes of Climate change (Natural and Human). He spoke about Green house gases, CO2, methane, etc. He took time to explain human induced activities which are the well pronounced causes of Climate change which he said it includes deforestation, emission of C02 ship, aircrafts, industries, etc. they spoke about the effects of climate change such as famine, drought, flood, climate refugees, rise in the sea level, etc  they stressed on the needs to plant more trees, shifting to clean energy and many other things and needs for the participants to join hands with plant for the planet in realizing their objectives.

Series of questions were asked after the lectures which include: How can government support Academy in the rural areas like Omifon? Can government allocate lands for young people to plant more trees? What is the ministry of education doing to ensure that all schools accept Academy in all schools in Ondo state? Etc. The program coordinator answered all the questions.

The participants engaged in World game in which they were learnt about various continents of the world, the major polluters and other low emitters in the world.

The participants watched ‘The Man who planted Trees’ and went on break and they were resumed back. The participants were trained on how to make public presentation. The participants during their discussion came up with action plans to enable them further promote the concepts in their various communities. They came up with the ideas of forming a club, organize inter schools environmental competitions against net year and they also agreed to mobilize their colleagues for the forthcoming Tree Planting Day.

The participants later went outside the Hall to plant some trees, in the field the participants were taught on how best to plant and the good time to plant and the needs to ensure that they nurture the trees well and guide it from being eating by animals. The participants planted Paw -Paw, Cocoa and Moringa at JOMAG School’s field. The planting session was led by Mr David Ojebola.

Other activities during the program are presentation of Certificates to all participants which was led by invited guests: Pastor Olayinka, Mrs Oyewole and supported by the Prince O Concepts’ team.

The dignitaries include few parents, invited pastor, community leaders, the teachers, the head of schools’ and other invitees. They all made excellent remarks and urged the students to ensure that they further promote the concept in Nigeria.

The event came to an end at exactly 5pm.


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