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The Hungarian Children joined Plant-for-the-Planet


The first Plant-for-the-Planet event was held in Hungary on the 18th of November. Many children participated in the Academy in Budapest to become ambassadors for climate justice.                                                           












Kids, parents and teachers were already excited about the program while registering. We were pleased to see their openness. In spite of the fact that it was the first time, we could find a student who opened the event with a presentation, in which he explained the global environmental problems and the harmful effects of CO2 emissions in a detailled and logical way.


















Thanks to Zott, the kids got yoghurts, and yoghurt cups were reused in the afternoon. We planted only one tree but in the yogurt cups everyone could plant their own little tree. The planted tree seedling can also be used later in the programs organized by the new Climate Justice Ambassadors. The special feature of the program was that carbon dioxide emission of the event was overshadowed by Carbon Solutions. So the conveying the knowledge did not result in carbon emissions. 

A total of 22 ambassadors for climate justice joined the Plant-for-the-Planet team. 
Hopefully, they will also organize their first programs in spring, the team of environment conscious kids will expanded.