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Youth Summit 2018 in Italy


From March 3rd to 10th 2018 the fourth international Youth Summit took place in the Youth Hostel Casa Valdese in Vallecrosia/Italy. 75 Climate Justice Ambassadors from all over the world, aged between 16-27 years, prepared for the launch of the Trillion Tree Campaign on March 9th at the Grimaldi Forum/Monaco within the framework of the event.

The young ambassadors had the chance to inform themselves about Plant-for-the-Planet Clubs, processes and functions of the Global Board and functions of the UNFCCC in exciting workshops, which were conducted by our ambassadors Felix from Germany, Paulina from Mexico, Sagar from Nepal and Yugratna from India, who have been with us for a long time now. Active Ambassadors from the Plant-for-the-Planet Foundations took the chance, came to beautiful Casa Valdese and told the other ambassadors their stories of success and about the processes in their countries.



One and a half days before PlantAhead a workshop with Erik de Groot started. He is an internationally known workshop designer. He significantly contributed to the intention of our ambassadors of informing the guests of PlantAhead about the Trillion Tree Campaign in a sympathetic and confident way.

Naturally we used the Youth Summit this year to point out the global goals that Plant-for-the-Planet has: After ambassadors from Italy and Mexico held a presentation at an elementary school in Vallecrosia, Felix and the Italian ambassadors Alba Margherita, Alice and Iacopo were interviewed by the Italian SanRemoNews.

Even one of the most important Italian newspapers “La Stampa” wrote about it on March 9th!

The highlight of the Youth Summit was the support of the community of Vallecrosia with their mayor Ferdinando Giordano, the vice-mayor Maurizio Vichi, the cultural consultant of Vallecrosia Monica Barra, the superintendent Robert Capaccio and the chairman mayor of the youth of Vallecrosia Chiara Vottero, with a symbolic tree planting of an olive tree in the garden of Casa Valdese!

The smooth course of the Youth Summit was only possible thanks to all the supporters: We thank the whole team at the Youth Hostel Casa Valdese, especially Elisa Rubboli and Christina Alesso for their hospitality and the great food cooked by their team, the parties involved from the municipality Vallecrosia for the cooperation and allowing us to stay in the community hall for our training, Erik de Groot of Mindmeeting for the exciting training with our ambassadors, the arboretum “Noaro Vivaio” in Camporosso for their trust and tree donations, as well as the photographer Ingrid Delacher for her presence and the great photos. We also want to thank the elementary school in Vallecrosia for being flexible and open minded, all the parents and chaperones that helped on-site with the supervision, as well as all the other guests and friends during the Youth Summit 2018!

The motivation and the engagement this year were outstanding – Thank you to all the ambassadors for the enthusiasm and their commitment at the PlantAhead event!

We also had a lot of fun – We will see you next year at the Youth Summit 2019 in Brazil!

Your team at Plant-for-the-Planet