Planting Location Yucatán Peninsula

    On March 8, 2015 the first tree was planted on deforested woodland, which was bought by the Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation. It is located on the Yucatán-Peninsula in the Gulf of Mexico.

    March 2015

    We started reforesting the former completely deforested forest.

    October 2015

    On October 3, the Mexican Minister of Forest visited us. He was enthusiastic about our successes.


    When we plant the millionth tree, we made a promise: "We look after every tree we plant, and every year we plant one million trees more than the year before."


    Thanks to the care and the good climate, the trees quickly grow taller than our workers!


    A strong team: Today we already have more than 100 workers on the planting area. In order to be able to plant one million more trees every year, we are getting 36 more workers every year!


    We have already planted more than 5 million trees.

    Currently, we plant on 22,500 hectares of foundation-owned land.

    The Crowtherlab at ETH Zürich accompanies the reforestation project scientifically and investigates how much CO2 every tree captures.

    The first data for specific trees can already be found on the map, where you can also see exactly where we are currently planting:


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    Four Metres in Less Than 2 Years

    Trees grow four times faster on the Yucatán-Peninsula than in Central Europe. Each tree captures 200 kg of CO2 during its lifetime.

    Native Species for Healthy Forests

    We select the best seeds by hand. We plant eight different native Mahagoni-tree species on the deforested land.

    Tailor-Made Soil for Our Trees

    Only natural components are used.
    All of the containers are reusable.

    High-Efficiency Workflows

    In our tree nursery, which we established in 2015, ten workers grow more than four million seedlings with the highest quality standards.

    Please Copy!

    Until 2029 there will be 100 Million trees grown, planted and cared for.  If 10,000 projects copy us, the trillion trees will capture a quarter of man-made CO2.

    Ambitious Goals

    Our employees know 
    that they are doing important work.


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    Reforestation of Degraded Land Worldwide

    Forest areas the size of India were plundered but could become forest again. We dig up these rows of seedlings with machetes.

    Care Makes the Difference

    We need to uncover the seedlings manually up to 20 times with love and care. The trees are our children - several million children.

    Sharp Machetes and Devotion

    Skill, endurance, team spirit, 30°C heat.
    50.000 man hours, 1.200 filings and 250 machetes every year. Machetes also protect from venomous snakes.

    Every Tree Has a Number

    Only planting in exact distances makes baring the roots possible.
    With a survival rate of 94% our reforestation project is a
    frontrunner in Mexico.

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    Organize Work Intelligently

    Between the rows of trees, the tractor can be used for mowing. This saves time and thus donations! Some of the workers are mechanics who can service and repair the tractors.


    Three years after planting the first seedlings on completely degraded land, our small forests blossom for the first time.

    One Billion Bees

    With one bee colony per hectare forest, one billion bees will soon produce 1.000 tons of forest honey every year and pollinate our trees.

    Strengthening the Farmers’ Income Basis

    The farmers appreciate our offer to use our forests for
    bee-keeping. These ten bee-hives mean €800 additional annual income  for David R.

    Wood Is Alive – Enhancement of the Added Value

    With the setup of the timber industry on the Yucatán-Peninsula we will increase the net wealth of the regional farmers and also of our foundation.

    We want our work to be transparent in order to convince as many other groups as possible to start similar projects. With only 10,000 similar projects we can reach the goal of one trillion new trees.

    The Foundation wants to show that reforestation is easy, and that planting as well as caring for one tree does not cost more than €1.

    One Trillion Trees

    • barely costs more than 15 times the price Bayer paid for Monsanto

    • would capture more than a quarter of the human-made CO2

    • create hundreds of millions of new jobs and therefore create wealth in countries of the Global South

    • fight causes of migration and reduce population growth.


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    The Conafor, the Comisión Nacional Forestal, a sub-ministry of the Ministry of the Environment in Mexico, officially confirms our reforestation project on Yucatán.