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About me

My last lectures was on 12/2014 in front of students of an high school in my city.
My last more relevant speech was on 02/2014 in front of the Minister of Environment of Italy and lots of local politicians.

I organized two Academies near my city and I moderated some other Academies in Italy (Genova, 2012 and 2013, Verona 2014 and Venice 2014). I organize tree planting in my city periodically, the last one took place on 12/2014

I am at the Plant-for-the-Planet, because...

...I'm very worried about the climate crisis and environmental issues. Least but not last, I think that it's very important to meet other children and youth from lots of countries, because when we children will be adults and when we'll take the power, we need to be more cohesive than those who preceded us.