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About me

Kehkashan, United Arab Emirates, born in 2000

06/15 Bonn City Hall, in presence of the Mayor of Bonn
07/15 Seychelles TV
07/15 Seychelles Education Ministry, speech to students of Eco school

Youngest winner of NRI of the Year award this year . ( NRI is an acronym for Non-Resident Indian).  It is instituted by the Times Group , India's largest media house and recognizes the work of overseas Indians.

According to the organisers, there were over 30,000 applicants from across the globe and I received the award in Mumbai, India on 10th April.

I have organized 3 Plant-for-the-Planet Academies in the United Arab Emirates
I regularly speak at international conferences in my role as the Global Coordinator for Children and Youth, UNEP Major Groups Facilitating Committee

Global President of the Children's Board 2013-2014