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About me

Fidan, Azerbaijan, born in 2001

I started my environmentalist activity when I was 9 years old. I joined 5th International Environmental Project Olympiad (INEPO) in 2011. I presented “Warm Classroom” project where told participants how to keep warm classrooms in village schools, without cutting trees. In 2013 I was   already winner of Bronze medal at 7th INEPO. The most exciting part was that after winning bronze medal I was often invited to TV channels and addressed the audience to support my point: “If we all turn off the light when we leave the room, this can accumulate and reduce energy wasting by a very significant amount which will help this country become more sustainable.”

In 2012 I attended at Plant-for-the-Planet conference in Munich. In there I learnt lots of new information about environmental protection and it was inspiring me. When I came to our city - Baku I applied to be member of  School Project for Application of Resources and Energy (SPARE) Azerbaijan. Afterwards, I attended at events that are organized by SPARE Azerbaijan.

In 2014  I was elected as a member in Children Academy in Baku. Until now we have done different group works, exhibitions, planting tree campaign several regions of Azerbaijan.

I believe that together all other students we can act effectively and make changes.