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About me

Stuttgart, Germany

Age: 19 years

Climate Justice Ambassador since 2011

Language: German, English

I am active with Plant-for-the-Planet, because...

... I know that we can solve the Climate Crisis and therefore regard it as our resposibility to do so!

My activities:

10/2018 Presentation at the CSR Forum, Stuttgart

Video: (in German)

09/2018 Workshops during the Hamburger Klimawoche (Climate Week), Hamburg

09/2018 Presentation at the Pelletsummit, Switzerland
Interview: (in German)

09/2018 Discussion, workshop and presentation at Drees&Sommer, Essen and Venice

08/2018 Participation in the Global Landscapes Forum of the UN, Nairobi

08/2018 Participation in the AFR100 conference, Nairobi

05/2018 Participation at the preliminary negotiations for COP24, Bonn

03/2018 Interview with Patricia Espinosa at the SDG Festival, Bonn

02/2018 Documentary “WAS GEHT? - Jugendliche und gesellschaftspolitisches Engagement”
Ausschnitt: (in German)

12/2017 Participation in the COP23, Bonn

12/2017 Participation in the conference of youth (COY), Bonn

11/2017 Presentation at the German Tradecongress, Berlin
Video: (in German)

10/2017 Presentation at Ducatus, Bad Wörishofen

09/2017 Academy at Staples, Schweden

08/2017 Academies in Tadschikistan

06/2017 Workshop at an international conference of the Goethe-Institut, Berlin

05/2017 Participation in the preliminary negotiations for COP23, Bonn

03/2017 Presentation at Habisreutinger, Bodensee

03/2017 Panel discussion at an event of the Grüne Jugend, Wiesbaden

02/2017 Keynote at JAF, Wien

01/2017 Panel discussion with Gerd Müller auf der Grünen Woche, Berlin

01/2017 Presentation at the Rohstoffgipfel und Sägewerkskongress DeSH, Berlin

02/2015 Presentation at an event about sustainability “Climate Crisis – it’s about you!”, Wiesbaden
Video: (in German)

12/2014 Presentation at the Christmas celebration of the company Bellmer

11/2014 Presentation at the meeting of Business Network International, Stuttgart

11/2014 Presentation at an academy, Schramberg

10/2014 Tree planting party and presentation at an elementary school, Oberrot

04/2014 Presentation at the EnergyDay, Wüstenrot

04/2014 Information desk and presentation at the FairTrade, Stuttgart

08/2014 Presentation at a conference of the Wirtschaftsjunioren Rhineland-Palatinate, Idar-Oberstein

10/2013 Presentation at the Bookfair Sinsheim, Sinsheim

09/2013 Academy at the OWF Days, Stuttgart

07/2013 Presentation at the Dietrich Bonhoeffer High School