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About me

Mettmann near Dusseldorf, Germany

Age: 12 years old

Climate Justice Ambassador since 2016

Languages: German, English

I am active with Plant-for-the-Planet, because... my opinion, one is never too young to stand up and get active. I mean: It‘s our future that’s at risk!

My activities:

02/2019 Interview with Westpol (WDR) about „Greta Thunbergs NRW-Geschwister“ (Greta Thunbergs siblings in North Rhine-Westphalia)
Report: (in German)

08/2018 Negotiations with Armin Laschet, governor of North Rhine-Westphalia, Dusseldorf (in German)
Twitter: (in German)

06/2018 Press conference at the catholic Primary School Neanderstraße, Mettmann (in German)
Press article: (in German)
Press article: (in German)

06/2018 Presentation at the KATAG AG Congress , Bielefeld (in German)
Video: (in German)
Short video: (in German)
Press article: (in German)

05/2018 Presentation at the Lions Club Leverkusen, Leverkusen (in German)

05/2018 Presentation at the Rotary Club Mettman, Mettman (in German)

04/2018 Participation in the 10th Plant-for-the-Planet Kids Conference, Possenhofen

03/2018 Presentation at a Plant-for-the-Planet Academy, Herne

01/2018 Delegate for Plant-for-the-Planet at the ISM (International  Sweets and Snacks Fair), Cologne

01/2018 Founding member of the "Plant-for-the-Planet Club Mettmann", elected chairwomen, Mettman
Press article: (in German)

11/2017 Presentation at a Plant-for-the-Planet Academy, Mettmann

09/2017 TV-report „kids4climate“ (syn. English)

05/2017 Delegate for Plant-for-the-Planet at the Interpack (Sweets and Packaging Fair), Dusseldorf
Report: (in German)