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About me

Vicenza, Italy

Age: 19 years

Climate Justice Ambassador since 2010

Languages: Italian, Dutch, English, Spanish

I am active with Plant-for-the-Planet, because...

...I want to make a difference in the world. I want to be able to say to future kids that I did my best to preserve our beautiful earth, and that I never stopped hoping and believing that we can make a better world in which respect for our environment, for other people and ourselves is the basis of our lives.

My activities:

04/2018 Presentation at the general assembly of a school, Vicenza

03/2018 Participation in the Launching Event of the "Trillion Tree Campaign", Monaco

03/2018 Participation in the Global Youth Summit 2018, Vallecrosia

12/2016 Founding member of the "Plant-for-the-Planet Club Vicenza"

05/2015 Participation in the Global Youth Summit 2015, Tutzing (Germany)