Organize an Academy

The three pillars of an Academy

Organizing a Plant-for-the-Planet Academy is based on three “pillars”.

• The children's speech is the most important step: Who will make the children aware of the Academy and fill all the seats at the event with enthusiastic children?

• Equally important is the academy funding: Which institution will financially support the event? Does Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation can take over the financing in countries of the south? Discus this, with your contact person.

• Essential for every Academy is of course the tree planting activity: Tree planting is the central element of every Academy. Which foresters or gardeners will help the children? Where can the trees be planted? Who will organize the saplings and the necessary tools?

Once these three pillars are in place, then the Academy is well on the road to success.

Inviting Children

Children participants are the key to any successful Plant-for-the-Planet Academy.

The announcement of an Academy can spread quickly through school networks. Simply sending invitations by email, letter or flyer to the offices of nearby schools is unfortunately not very effective. Schools receive lots of information and invitations, most of which go to the school office, that often end up sitting on a desk instead of reaching students. Calling schools directly by phone is good idea, but it can be very time-consuming. As a result, it is essential, from the very start of planning the Academy, to find an on-site person who is well connected with the school system and who knows teachers and principals well. This person should be passionate about the Plant-for-the-Planet Academy concept and should get superiors, colleagues, students and parents excited about the Academy. This person plays a key role, and it is very important for a successful Academy not to underestimate it in this regard. Adults, teachers and interesting people are more then welcome on every academy. Adults, speakers and participants can registries online (homepage), so they all get part of our international network.

Of course, you can publicize the Academy in the local media, it can increase the profile and bring lots of interest to the event.

In addition, it's a good idea to publicize the event at youth clubs and childcare facilities in the area (by calling, email invitations, letters and flyers) and to ask the local government or authority to include the event in its publications (on web sites, in local newspapers, etc.).



In order to organize and carry out a Plant-for-the-Planet Academy, you need financial support – from one or more supporters (organizations or companies). This support covers the obvious things such as the materials for the Academy, along with other important elements. The further care of children in the global Plant-for-the-Planet Network is important as well. For further details on financing, feel free to contact the relevant staff of the Plant-for-the-Planet Secretariat.

Tree Planting

Every Plant-for-the-Planet Academy includes a tree planting event and help to absorb and store CO2 in the fight against the climate crisis. Planting takes place with support from specialist staff, such as foresters and gardeners who are familiar with the local site conditions. The children plant trees that are suitable for the planting site under expert instruction.

When planning the planting event, please be sure to take into account the advice of a knowledgeable local forester. If an Academy takes place outside the planting season, you can choose to have a symbolic planting. You should discuss this with the Plant-for-the-Planet Secretariat.

Only in the ideal cases are the three pillars of an Academy - children's speeches, financing and tree planting - done by qualified personnel. If one of the pillars is not working, it's not a problem - simply get in touch with the Plant-for-the-Planet Secretariat. Whether you are a teacher, entrepreneur, forester or private individual, anyone with the right dedication can set up an Academy. The Plant-for-the-Planet Secretariat is here to support you in bringing the three pillars together.

In case of questions, please e-mail to or call us +49 (0) 8808 93 45.





How do you organize a Plant-for-the-Planet Academy?

First considerations: WHO is involved & who does WHAT?

Practical preparations: WHEN & WHERE does an Academy take place?

Getting participants

Planning and providing meals on Academy day

Planning and organizing the tree planting

Ordering the Academy materials by your Plant-for-the-Planet Academy Team Contact

Arrival and accommodation of the Facilitation Team and speakers

Running the Academy

Documenting the Academy 
Photos, Report, Feedback, participationlist