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...we plant as many trees for you as you want every month’re making your commitment visible and inspiring others enjoy exclusive benefits as a tree collector’re helping to save the future of children like us!

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With a Tree Card, you can start your tree collection and grow a forest of your own. Every month, the Plant-for-the-Planet initiative will plant at least one tree for you. The Tree Card is made of wood and fits in any purse or wallet. The Tree Card is your way of growing trees to combat climate change and the danger it presents to everything we hold dear, and of helping children like us to save our future. Your personal Tree Card shows everyone around you that you’re committed to tackling climate change and taking action around the clock. Your individual Tree Card ID lets you manage your forest online, and your personal tree counter always tells you how large your personal forest has become.

Particularly keen tree collectors enjoy exclusive benefits and are the first to hear the latest news from the Plan-for-the-Planet initiative.

Trees each absorb around 10 kg of CO2 each year. We’ve already planted more than 14 billion trees with the help of the general public, governments and businesses. If each of us plants 150 trees, we will reach 1,000 billion trees worldwide. There is still enough room for that many new trees. Those trees would absorb a quarter of the man-made CO2 emissions. For every euro donated, we’ll plant a tree on land belonging to our foundation in Campeche, Mexico.

Every tree counts!



We print the TreeCards 4x a year.

Order quantities and free resources of our pro-bono partners are the key drivers when determining the next print date.

We must therefore be patient, as the next shipment from orders can take a few weeks / months.


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