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2 months,10 academies and 800 new Climate Justice Ambassadors in Ghana!


10 academies were successfully celebrated in Ghana during the months of June and July 2018, the 1st Academy was organized on the 22nd of June 2018 and the last Academy on the 3rd of July 2018. All the 10 Academies were located in the Upper East Region of Ghana.

Most of the Academies started between 8am to 9am, but due external circumstances some academies started shortly after 9am. The academy’s teams normally arrived a few minutes ahead of time so that we could turn the venue suitable to the Academies. The Academies closed after 5pm the same day.

The Academies began with an introduction from the team to provide an idea of what the Plant-for-the-Planet academies are to  the children and what they should expect from us and we expected from them. Afterwards, we distributed the Plant-for-the-Planet t-shirts to all the participants before starting the presentation given by a Climate Justice Ambassador together with a moderator, we carried out all the modules with the children and at the end of the Academy each child received a Tree by Tree book and was awarded a Climate Justice Ambassador certificate.


During the 10 academies we had up to 80 children attending to each of them: there were 10 participating schools and 8 children from each school got invited to attend each academy. After the 10 academies, the total number of the participants was that of 800 children.

The cornerstone of the Academies is to learn how the Greenhouse Gases impact our environment and discuss the solutions on how to reduce amount of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere such as by planting trees. The children also learned how to plant and take care of the trees and were encouraged to plant more trees. Due to time constraints, during the academies we showed the children how to plant using just some trees and gave the rest of the trees to the schools so that they could plant them later in the week .



Moreover, the children had the opportunity to learn the distribution of the world population, income and CO2 emissions by taking part in Modules such as the “World Game” or the “World Café”; the children were also trained to give presentations at the end of the Academy to the invited guests, parents and colleagues.




The total number of trees planted during the Academies’ Module “Planting Party!” is 629, most of them being mango trees. We had prominent adults joining the academies thanks to the invitations that had been sent to them, mostly the children’s parents.

Working and interacting with the children during the academies made us realize how essential it is to train and help the children to become Climate Justice Ambassadors. All of the 10 academies  were fun and educative.



Interested in becoming a Climate Justice Amabassador? You can apply here!

You can find more pictures of the aforementioned academies in the following links:

Bolgatanga, 22.06.2018

Bolgatanga, 23.06.2018

Bolgatanga, 25.06.2018

Bolgatanga, 26.06.2018

Bolgatanga, 27.06.2018

Bongo, 28.06.2018

Bongo, 29.06.2018

Zokko, 30.06.2018

Bolgatanga, 02.07.2018

Zokko, 03.07.2018