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55 new Ambassadors in Ibadan, Nigeria!


No thanks to the heavy downpour! Many thanks to the host school and our new Climate Justice Ambassadors for coming!


The event started behind schedule due to the heavy downpour, nevertheless 55 participants from four schools came to attend the Academy.  The event commenced at 11: 30 am.  The principal of the host school - Mr. Ayeni in his opening remark welcomed all the participants, he spoke about the effects of climate change and other environmental issues.  He went on and said ‘Students, especially young people should join hands with other stakeholders to curb the impacts of climate change’ He thanked Plant-for-the-Planet Academy‘s initiator for coming up with the laudable project.

In her presentation, climate justice Ambassador-Adetona Victoria spoke about Greenhouse gases, the causes and effects of climate change in which she mentioned deforestation and the use of fossil fuels as major causes of climate change, she made mention of the effects of climate change such as flooding, displacement, famine, adverse effects on human health and other issues. She spoke about the concepts of climate justice and concluded on how the Plant –for-the-Planet initiative started in Germany, about the initiator – Felix and the woman Wangari – the late Kenyan environmentalist as well as major objectives of Plant-for-the-Planet Academy.

Afterwards, Prince- the program coordinator, spoke about the major causes of climate change and the expected roles of the climate justice ambassadors. A few questions were asked from the participants, such as “How does the increase of population affect climate change?  How can we curb flooding in Nigeria? At what time can we plant and where can we get trees to plant? The program coordinator answered all the questions.


Other activities during the program included world game, tree planting and World café.  The participants took time to discuss the best ways in which they could promote tree planting in their communities, how they could form a school club and how to involve media, the community leaders and their parents in Tree planting activities. 

The head of the host school, teachers and other guests witnessed and took part in the presentation of certificates to the new climate. At the end Justice Ambassadors Prince Olawuyi thanked the host schools for their support and congratulated the new ambassadors.  The event came to an end at 5:30pm due to continuous rainfalls allowing the participants to leave on time.





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