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Tree Seedlings for Schools all Over Hungary


In October, 80 children attended the very first Academy in Budapest. They came from six different schools all over the country. The workshops took place at the Gyertyánffy school, which celebrates it’s 150th birthday this year!

The academy was hosted by some Gyertyánffy students themselves who were already active as Climate Justice Ambassadors as well as by teachers and cooperators.

After listening to an initial presentation by the Ambassadors, the children practiced their presentation skills, too, and made plans for further activities.

Thanks to the Vegan Association and the school, the participants had great vegan snacks!

Together with celebrities, the children planted two trees and learned from experts how to take care of them. They experienced how much care the little plants need and how important it is to save the region’s older trees. To put their newly gained knowledge into action, every school received seedlings from a private sponsor.