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Why we have Hope in these Challenging Times


Nine years ago at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, Felix called for the planting of worldwide of one trillion trees. Eight weeks ago, Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum, and several hundred participants in Davos stood behind this goal. The trillion trees are to be planted by 2030.  

What has been smiled at, a child’s vision, now has become a well-respected trend. The study published in July 2019 estimating that trees bind 25% of man-made CO2 brought on the worldwide breakthrough. The young scientists behind this study, back then at Yale, now at ETH Zurich, did this research only because the children of Plant-for-the-Planet raised the questions: How many trees grow in the world? How many still have room? And how much CO2 can they bind?

What a good investment of your donations!

This is also your success. We have only achieved it thanks to all donations we received.

The former children are now running the Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation. They openly share our know-how, our expertise and our marketing with all other planting organisations. For example, Sagar (23), as a member of the board, manages 10 developers who invested 30,000 hours in the Plant-for-the-Planet App: it’s open source and free of charge for both the planting organization and donors. Anyone can donate directly and free of charge to the project of their choice. The logic of the "children": We ourselves will plant "only" 100 million trees in Yucatán by 2030, so we need 10,000 similar projects to reach our goal.

Planting trees should be fun!

For example in the company: which department can plant the most trees? The boss doubles the trees planted by employees. Students challenge their mayor to plant thousands of trees. In any online shop I could “buy” 3 trees when ordering something. In case of complaints the company apologizes with 50 trees. For inclusion in a Forest Forbes List the decisive question is: "Who has the bigger forest?".

Everybody can take part in this campaign and with new trees, give mankind more time to finally start acting reasonably.

Please help us now with your donation so we can continue to further develop the Plant-for-the-Planet App as quickly as possible.

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Planting trees gives peace and hope.